☀️Motivational Monday☀️

Good Monday Morning Lovelies! I hope all of you are happy, healthy and stress free, if not all three maybe some sort of combo.😊 I have a question, how long did it take before you finally stopped caring about everyone else's opinions? It took me forever, to be honest I'm still struggling with it. I… Continue reading ☀️Motivational Monday☀️

What’s The Difference? AHA vs. BHA

Hello Lovelies. How are all of you? Wonderful I hope. I have been having a little bit of a writers block lately, you’d think since I wasn’t sleeping I’d find things to write about, but it seems like quite the opposite. I finally thought of something I wanted to talk about so lets get going… Continue reading What’s The Difference? AHA vs. BHA

☀️Motivational Monday☀️

Good Morning Lovelies... It's the start of a new week and perhaps the chance for a clean slate to start towards your goal(s) I'm this world. Whether it be a BIG or small goal that's not what matters, what matters is keeping your eyes locked and focused and not slowing down for any reason. I… Continue reading ☀️Motivational Monday☀️

☀️Motivational Monday☀️

Good Monday morning my Lovelies. It's the start of a new week, so super philosophical me😏*sarcastic voice* is here to hopefully give you some quotes that will help with your week or day, or maybe you're having a hard time showing yourself love and kindness, this may help get you back on track or get… Continue reading ☀️Motivational Monday☀️

💕February Favorites💕

Hi Lovelies, how is everyone? Well February came and went -super fast- so of course it’s time to do monthly favorites. When doing monthly favorites it always amazes me to see how or how little I liked/used or didn't like a product. Shall we get started?... Skincare: Dermalogica PreCleanse Cleansing Oil Mizon Snail Foam Cleanser… Continue reading 💕February Favorites💕

☀️Motivational Monday☀️

Good Monday Morning Lovelies! I hope all of you are well, and if not I am here to offer up some motivation. This Monday however is going to be a little different, it may seem depressing or gloomy, but it's not it's encouragement and a reminder to keep fighting... I've recently been having some "down… Continue reading ☀️Motivational Monday☀️

K-Beauty: Korean Skincare

Hi lovelies, I hope all of you are having a wonderful week, where I live it’s a Sunday(2/24/2018), but however in Seoul, South Korea it’s already tomorrow(2/25/2018). So I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this ‘fun fact’ about myself on my blog before, but I’m a HUGE, like GINORMOUS fan of Japanese and Korean culture...… Continue reading K-Beauty: Korean Skincare

☀️Motivational Monday☀️

☀️Good Monday Morning☀️ Lovelies💗 Sorry for the lack of posts I have been in a bit of a 'funk' lately but I'm trying to pull myself out of it. Hence why I chose these quotes, when I was searching and looking for todays post these were the ones that caught my eye. I am having… Continue reading ☀️Motivational Monday☀️

👎Review👍:✖️❤️Tarte Shape Tape Matte Foundation💔✔️

Hello Lovelies! Sorry I didn’t post Monday, I was completely confused with my days, but I’m fixed now lol. Anyways I know there has been A LOT of things going on with Tarte, the Shape Tape foundation and how they’ve been handling the blacklash. I did buy this foundation the moment it went up for… Continue reading 👎Review👍:✖️❤️Tarte Shape Tape Matte Foundation💔✔️

☀️Motivational Monday☀️

Good Morning Lovelies, I hope all of you enjoyed your weekend. Sorry I only posted twice last week(I think 🤔) I've been suffering from my chronic migraines again, it was an on going no break, no relief for 4 days straight, however this time it's isolated to my left side. Ever since I got my… Continue reading ☀️Motivational Monday☀️