My Family Christmas’s

With Christmas just 2 days away some of us are finished with shopping and others are still shopping… So are you and your family the type to have a massive tree with a ton of presents under it or only a few, or do you have a small tree with a ton of presents or only a few? My mom and I have a small tree, and when I say small I mean we bought a decorative tree from Home Depot, seriously it’s that small, it’s funny but it’s nice. It’s just my mom, me and our basset hound Daisy and our two cats Kitty -she’s the queen- and the runt of her little she had a long time ago Puff, its perfect and we like it, and it means we have more room for presents! This year I did just about all of the shopping so my mom didn’t have to –she HATES to shop- so we have A LOT of gifts around the tree. My mom loves to see the gifts under the tree, whether it’s a lot or not.

We have the stockings hung with care, but not by the fire-place since we don’t have one –lol- We have a stocking for me mom the animals my sister and her family. They come over to our house so we can celebrate Christmas together and have dinner, not on Christmas usually one or two days before. It’s so much fun, I have two nieces who are 7 and 4 so I get to play with toys and whatnot. It’s just a happy time for everyone. The time spent in our little family Christmas I tend to forget that I’m sick and have a ton of stuff wrong with me heath wise and it’s wonderful. We do have other family Christmas’s with my grandma. On Christmas day mom and I go over to her house and spend time with her because she is widowed and is alone in a huge house and it can be depressing especially during the holidays. I enjoy the quality time with her and my mom I love them both so much. The weekend following Christmas we have the huge Christmas party with the whole family. Its aunts, uncles, great aunts, great uncles and cousins of all numbers -lol-. There’s also great home cooked food and these ladies can cook! There’s lots of laughter and stories, it’s just a fun and happy time. I will admit I do stress at first but then I relax and warm up after a while and everything is all good. I really cherish these times.

What about you? How do you celebrate during the holidays? Is it big or small, loud or quiet, casual and laid back or prim and proper? No matter how you roll all that matters is that you enjoy the people and time you’re spending with them.

Until next time XOXO Anna! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

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