Beauty Blog Post Question

   So I had planned on posting a review on Urban Decays new De-Slick Complexion Perfection Primer, but I haven’t been feeling well the past few days due to the weather and my illnesses. I will try to get it posted by the end of this week hopefully if I can muster up some strength. However I did want to post something and this post is more of a brainstorm/question/opinion type of post, still beauty related though. I don’t watch a lot of beauty YouTubers but there’s one I watch and I am kinda taking the concept from her ThaTaylaa, I will put a link to her channel at the end of the post. She does a thing called ‘Foundation Friday’ and I was thinking about doing ‘Mascara Monday’. What do y’all think? I was also thinking if y’all didn’t like that idea I could do ‘March Mascara Madness’ kinda like the basketball March Madness, but with mascara. I would really like everyone’s opinion. Mascara is something I never leave the house without, unless I’m EXTREMELY sick and cant hold my head up. Anyways I would really like everyone’s input, I was going to attempt to create my own hashtag for my Instagram {its_that_girl_anna} so we can show off to each other especially on ‘Mascara Monday’ that is if you all like that idea. Please let me hear well really read your thoughts and opinions on this idea. If y’all do like the idea I will start on Monday January 30.   Now on another eye makeup related topic I came across something odd and kind of funny on Pinterest that has to due with eyeliner. It’s from Refinery 29, they apply eyeliner with string. It made me giggle I am dying to try it, but I don’t have any string but I am definitely going to try it and put it on my Instagram for you beauties. Here is he link for the video, I’m sure you all have seen it but just in case you haven’t… also here is the link for thataylaa YouTube channel she is the inspiration for my idea for Mascara Monday, she does Foundation Friday. Please leave me your comments, thoughts and opinions on the mascara ideas.

Until next time XOXO Anna.


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