My Eyebrow Journey… Pt.1

   We all know that eyebrows frame the face… We all want the perfect eyebrows, shape, length, and arch, what girl -or guy- wouldn’t ? But what happens when that fame gets messed up? Whether it be a bad wax job, over tweezing, loss of eyebrows or you were just born with sparse eyebrows, how do we fix it? Well we fill them in with brow powder, pencil or pomade. But what happens when you’ve never had to fill in your eyebrows before?   

   So a few months ago my eyebrows started falling out randomly 😱 no explanation. I do have two autoimmune diseases and take a handful of medications, however I’ve been on the same ones for over a year so we could rule that out. I went to my primary care doctor and spoke to her about my problem and she thought that it may be my thyroid, so she did an extensive amount of blood work checking that along with vitamin levels, about 10 tubes of blood. A week later I went back and nothing showed up except that my Vitamin D level was low. I started taking a supplement along with biotin and my nails grew my hair grew but nothing happened with my eyebrows. It’s only gotten worse, they have thinned out and I have little bald spots, honestly they look like I went at them with tweezers and I haven’t had anything done to them since the beginning of December -no joke-. I don’t know about you but this has taken a bit of a toll on my confidence level. Every time I look in the mirror I get upset and start to cry 😢. I have cried myself to sleep a few time over it, some may say that’s dramatic, but that’s just how it’s affecting me.


   After my mom realized just how upset it was making me she offered to go and get my eyebrows cosmetically tattooed. So this Friday, 1/27/2017 at 1pm I am getting “new eyebrows” and I can’t even begin to express how happy and grateful for this, also nervous since it is my face. I do trust my cosmetic artist and not just because she has the same name as me -lol- She has great credentials and a passion for it. Her name is Anna Burns, and I have total confidence in her and her abilities to give me back my eyebrows and confidence. She has been so sweet and understanding about my problem.


   I will post before and after photos along with pictures of the process -as many as I can get- I will also write about the experience and post it all either Friday or Sunday depending on how quick I can get it all done. Until next time. XOXO Anna! 💋

Anna Burns: Permeant Cosmetics IG —

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