My Eyebrow Journey Pt.2

 So Friday I had my eyebrows done,(I have a part 1 if you’d like to read it, here’s the link )I am adding a little video and some photos. I couldn’t wear any makeup on my face for the procedure so in the video and photos you will see that my skin is breaking out, so just ignore that. I mention in the video that it took three hours from start to finish that includes figuring the shaping and plotting the new brows and the actual procedure. We did do microblading. I did a post on what microblading is ( ) it’s all done by hand so that’s why it takes so long. The out come looks like true brow hairs.

Shaping and Plotting
Before and After
Before & After

  The care process is a little more in depth than that of a regular tattoo. The first day you have to dab the brows with a paper towel or tissue every 10-15 minutes to get the clear stuff and blood that seeps out, then on the third day you can start applying a light layer of grape seed oil and after a week you can gently cleanse your brows with antibacterial dial soap -gently- and pat dry -gently-. You have to avoid putting any product on or near your brows for at least a week to 10 days. As the brows heal in the first two weeks the eyebrows will fade to the desired color and look more natural.


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