Oily Skin & How To Deal

So raise your hand if you have either oily or oily/combination skin and it can be super frustrating am I right? I have oily/combination -mainly oily- skin it wants to be oily and then sometimes it wants to have dry patches during the winter. However I do try my best to combat the oiliness but I’m careful not to make the oil glands think they need to produce even more unwanted, unnecessary oil. It’s so irritating to have a shiny face that looks like a grease pit, you notice your pores from a million miles away -ok maybe not but still- and the breakouts, oh lord! The breakouts. However there is an upside, your skin ages more slowly and you get less winkles.

What causes oily skin? Over active sebaceous glands. Our skin produces the sebum, its our skins natural moisturizer, its what keeps skin naturally smooth and hydrated, and the reason why your skin ages so much better than your dry skinned best friends. So sebum is a good thing, in moderation of course. It’s when your skin starts producing WAY more than it needs, that’s when problems start. The reason you’re cursed with it and not your bestie is because of hormones and genetics.

So how do we treat oily skin? The key is to keep oil production under control WITHOUT drying out your skin.

1. Choose a mild cleanser. A gentle foaming cleanser that removes excess oil, but still leaves some behind, so skin wont be tempted to produce too much oil again too soon.
Suggestions… Philosophy:Purity or Honest: Refreshingly Clean Gel Cleanser

2. Toner…If you want. However if you do choose to use a toner use one with salicylic acid. It will be your new bestie. It’s powerful enough to penetrate inside pores and removing all the gunk inside them. It also removes dead cells from the surface of your skin as well. BUT don’t be tempted or confused by astringents -those “toners” that contain alcohol and not much else- They will strip your skin just like harsh cleansers and it will cause an over production of sebum.  Suggestions… Origins: Zero Oil, Pore Purifying Toner or Lancôme: Tonique Pure Focus Toner
3. Exfoliate. This is another way to get salicylic acid -which your skin needs- That’s all SA is an exfoliant. JUST DON’T GO OVERBOARD. One is more than enough –toner or exfoliation- the benefit of exfoliation is that it controls excess oil and breakouts under control. Remember to much and to often exfoliation will irritate skin.
Suggestions… Dr.Brandt Skincare: PoreDermabrasion Pore Perfecting Exfoliator or Mario Badescu: Botanical Exfoliating Scrub

4. Oil-Free Moisturizer. I know some of my oily skinned friends think that since they have oily skin they don’t need moisturizer, because it will only exacerbate the problem. However if you opt for an oil-free, gel moisturizer. You don’t want a heavy cream one as it will just cause you to become a giant grease pit.
Suggestions… Estēe Lauder:Clear Difference Hydrating Gel or PÜR Cosmetics: Soak It Up

5. Clay Mask. Using a clay mask can help keep your oil in check. Suggestions… GLAMGLOW: SuperMud or L’ORÉAL: Purify & Mattify Pure-Clay Mask

So we’ve covered the skincare part of oily skin, what about makeup? Having oily skin and wearing makeup can be frustrating as it can and will melt off especially if its hot out. There are ways you can minimize the problem.

1. Mattifying Primer. To give your makeup a fighting chance you need this extra step.
Suggestions… Natasha Denona:Magic Primer or Urban Decay: De-Slick Complexion Primer

2. Oil-Free and/or Matte foundation. Be careful not to cake it on also if your using a blending sponge -BeautyBlender, RT Miracle Complexion Sponge- be careful since you have to saturate the sponge in water, when you are pressing the makeup into your skin with the damp sponge you have to remember your also adding extra moisture to your face. You might want to use a brush to blend. Also try to avoid the areas you plan on adding concealer, you don’t want to overload your -oily- face.  Suggestions… Hourglass:Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation or Maybelline:Fit Me Matte+Poreless Foundation

3. Setting Powder. When you have oily skin its important to set your makeup with a setting powder. It will help your makeup last.
Suggestions… Laura Mercier: Translucent Loose Setting Powder , Cover FX: Perfect Setting Powder or Rimmel London: Stay Matte Pressed Powder

4. Setting Spray. This step isn’t necessary but its helpful for us oily skinned ladies -and gentlemen- Use one that controls oil and keeps your makeup from melting off.
Suggestions… Urban Decay: De-Slick Setting Spray or Urban Decay: All Nighter Spray or NYX: Matte Setting Spray

Now these are just basics. I didn’t add contouring and blush and highlighting. You want to use powder in all just for the simple fact that its less moisture and oil on your face. Also the more sparkle you use like in bronzer or blush will make you look even shinier and not in a good way.

How do you beat/treat your oily skin -if you have it- Let me know in the comments. Also sorry for being MIA for the past week. Ive been really sick and unable to even look at a computer screen or function. I’m feeling better so hopefully I can get back on track.

Until Next Time…

XOXO Anna! 💋


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