🌈 Color Correcting 🌈

Happy Hump Day Lovelies! It’s halfway to the weekend🤗 and that’s always exciting. So for today’s post I thought I would talk about Color Correcting, not the clown contouring with all the colors and whatnot, but actual color correcting used by professionals. Color Correcting helps counteract discoloration on the face so your foundation goes on evenly and gives you a more even complexion.

When I first got into makeup as a kid/teen I of course knew nothing about color correcting, I honestly didn’t really learn about it up until last year I believe (late bus I know) but once I discovered it I was all for it, especially since I have dark circles under my eyes and occasional redness from blemishes. I don’t always color correct, but when I do a full face of makeup I do.
Now lets talk about colors and what they do… 

Purple: Cancels out yellow. Brightens dullness & combats sallow undertones. 

Pink: Cancels out brown. Brightens dark spots & dullness. Covers age & sun spots. It’s great for pale skin and also combats sallow undertones in fair to medium skin tones.

Yellow: Cancels out purple. Calms MILD redness. Perfect for covering purple/blue under eyes and evening out skin tone. Helps cover bruising and also lightens dark skin tones. 

Green: Conceals redness. Covers sunburn, rosacea, windburn, breakouts and capillaries. You can also mix with primer for an all over subtle redness cover.  

Red: Cancels out green. Conceals dark circles on deep skin. Covers hollow under eyes and tattoos. 

Orange: Cancels out blue: Covers dark circles and bruised skin, helps with ashiness. Great for medium to deep skin tones.  

Peach: Conceals blue. Covers dark circles and bruised skin. Covers hyper-pigmentation and counterbalances deep blue under eyes associated with weariness. Brightens fair skin as well.  

Blue: Adds radiance to skin and brightens porcelain to fair skin.  

Lots of colors, but if you look at the color wheel you can see what color will counterbalance the other. You also have to take your skin tone into consideration when color correcting as well. Like Orange wouldn’t work on a fair skinned gal and vice-versa.  

Well I think that’s all I have for Color Correcting. I hoped it helped. I also wanted to let you know, that I am try to keep a schedule of posting on Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday. Just and FYI.
Also sorry for no pictures.🙁

Until next time…

XOXO Anna!


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