5 Alternative Uses For Your Beauty Blending Sponge 

Happy Hump 🐪Day! So today lovelies I thought I’d give a few (5) different ways to use a beauty blender. Now I know the actual brand BeautyBlender has made specific blenders for some of these but you can buy a cheaper brand and get the same effects.

• Quickly and evenly blend out sunless tanner or sunscreen.

• You can use it as a DIY stress ball, when you’re feeling a little agitated or stressed out. I do this a lot.

• Use a blending sponge to remove deodorant stains. Wet or dry.

• Cut in half and use it as a blotter for oil or sweat.

• Clean your dirty screen. Phone, iPad, Computer, etc…

*Remember to use clean blenders*

I am sure you can do tons more with blenders if you think about it and try it out but these are just a few. It’s really helpful with the deodorant stains. I also like using it for a stress ball, if you can find a blender that is soft and super squishy, its even better.  

So there are some alternative uses for blending sponges, give them a try and let me know if you have any other uses.🙂I’d love to see what y’all come up with.

XOXO Anna!💋

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