Difference: Contouring.Bronzing.Strobing.

Happy Saturday Lovelies💕! I hope you all had a wonderful week, and are planning on having a wonderful weekend as well.😊Today I wanted to talk about contouring, bronzing, and strobing. I know we all (probably) do at least one of these on the daily and if not that’s okay. I “drew” three examples of each just as a visual, because who doesn’t love a visual?lol🤓… So lets get started…

• Contouring is the process of creating shadows in the hallows of the face to create structure and definition. When contouring you want to gravitate towards deep cool tone colors-think shadows- You want to use a tapered brush, or one with a blunt flat edge, a firmer brush will give you more structured, sharper look, but if you use a fluffier, but still precise brush you will achieve a softer focus. Apply the contouring color to the following places, hollow of cheeks, temples, along the hairline, jawline, sides of nose, and below bottom lip.


• Bronzing is just that the bronzing of the skin, to achieve a sun kissed glow. Think warm tones, try to avoid orangey bronzers. You can opt for a “dewy” bronze look, which is a bronzer with shimmer or a matte that’s your preference. You want to apply the bronzer where sunlight would naturally hit the face. You also want to use a big fluffy brush, to ensure that you don’t apply to much product to your face. Where to apply, tops-apples- of cheeks, along the forehead, bridge of nose, chin and neck.


• Strobing aka “anti-contouring” you are accentuating your features with highlighter(s). You are trying to achieve a lit-from-with glow with shimmer highlighter(s). Strobing adds brightness and clarity, it attracts light and draw attention to areas you apply. Where do you apply?… Forehead-accentuate ad bring forward- brow bone-opens eyes- cheek bones, bridge of nose-appears straighter- Cupid’s bow-lip appears bigger- chin, and inner corner of eyes-opens up eyes-.


So many choices, but its all in preference. Mine is always changing, some days I bronze, some I strobe it up and others I like to add structure to my face. It’s amazing what we can do with makeup, it truly is an art. So tell me what’s your favorite out of the three? I’d love to know, I also love when y’all leave me comments, it makes me smile 😊. I hope you all have a lovely Saturday.

XOXO Anna!💋

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