YouTube Made Me Buy It

Good morning lovelies, I hope you are all enjoying your day in some way.😊

So have you ever been on YouTube watching your favorite beauty guru use a specific product or even watched a few reviews on a product and then gone and bought the same product? If you haven’t then I admire you-lol- because I have. Today I wanted to share with y’all the products that YouTube made me buy, (and some other social media forms). My favorite beauty YouTube is Laura Lee, I just love her and I trust her when she recommends a product, however sometimes some products that she loves I just didn’t but for the most part I do love them.

YouTube Made Me Buy It :

• Violet Voss x Laura Lee eyeshadow palette. This quickly became my ride or die palette, you can make a complete look with the palette it has the right balance of colors-mattes,shimmers,satins,and even a couple duo chromes- Great palette worth the money.👍

• BeautyBlender. I tried so hard to not get one, but I finally broke down and turns out that I fell in love with it like everyone said I would.👍

• Artis Brush. $65 I know these brushes are suppose to be “amazing” and apply makeup flawlessly, I honestly do not see it. Don’t get me wrong it’s a good brush, dense, soft bristles, I just don’t see any AMAZING results. I get better results from my Sigma F80 Kabuki Brush. I don’t know maybe it doesn’t like my face. 👍👎

• Too Faced Born This Way Foundation. Now I know people swear by this foundation for a flawless face, however when I apply it, not even 10 minutes of applying it it starts it cake up and separate on my face. I have tried different application techniques, and applicators and always ended up with the same results. Not worth the money in my experience.👎

• ABH Modern Renaissance Palette. I held out for awhile on this palette but I couldn’t hold out any longer. It’s just to gorgeous to pass up, the color scheme and consistency of the shadows are just wonderful, pigmented and easy to blend. Definitely worth the the money.

• Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation. This foundation took me awhile to get use to, but after a few uses I was in love. It gives me a natural finish. I love Tarte cosmetics so I wasn’t super surprised when I finally grew to love this foundation.👍

• Tarte Shape Tape. This is a ride or die concealer, this stuff rocks, it’s no wonder everyone around all social medias and YouTube were raving about it. It covers up everything-they need a shape tape foundation lol- this was also worth the money.

• Laura Mercier Face Illuminator-Addiction-. Now Laura Lee used this highlighter and she raved about it, and being that I like Laura Mercier products, I wasn’t at all hesitant to purchase it. However I didn’t take into consideration that her skin tone is a good bit darker than mine I’m a fair skinned girl so I need a lighter/frostier color. Addiction is golden and doesn’t really compliment my skin tone very well. So I cant say its not worth the money, I just need a different color. My bad.

• ABH Contour Kit. This just wasn’t for me. Nuff said.

• SmashBox Photo Finish Primer. Claimed to give you a flawless complexion canvas. Not so much for me, I’m not sure if it’s because I have oily skin or what but it was a bust for me.

• SmashBox Photo Finish Primer Water. Now I do like this, I spritz my face with it before makeup, and for a pick me up during the day. Refreshing.

• SmashBox Cover Shot Eye Palette-Ablaze-. Again Laura Lee used these palettes and I just had to have one, and I like the color scheme of this one. Good pigmentation and smooth texture, also easy to blend. Worth the money I guess.👍

• Mac Paint Pot-Soft Ochre-. Probably used by every beauty YouTuber as an eyeshadow primer, and I do to now-lol-. This is definitely worth the price, I love this stuff. 👍

• Mac Fix+Spray. Everyone said it enhanced your highlighter and also shimmer eyeshadow, and it wasn’t a lie. I use it just about everyday, well when I wear makeup. Smells good and doesn’t leave my face feeling tacky.👍

• Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder. Now this loose setting powder is new to me but so far no complaints. I use it to set my under eye and my T-zone. Worth the buy.

• Cover FX Custom Enhancement Drops-Celestial- Definitely gives you a glow from the gods. You don’t even have to add much. I was smart enough to get a lighter/frostier color suitable for my skin tone-lol-. Worth the buy.👍

I’m sure there are more if I sit and think super hard, but that’s a pretty good list. YouTube and Laura Lee made me buy a lot of stuff and more so than not were good buys. I’m sure I’ll buy more as time goes on, but that’s ok. LOL

XOXO Anna!💋

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