Benefits Of Rose Water 

Good Morning Lovelies! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.

So who loves roses🌹? Show of hands🤚. Well have you ever stopped and boiled them down and harvested the the water aka Rose Water? Well if you haven’t you should or you could purchase it, there are many brands that carry rose water, because it is so beneficial. What are the benefits you ask?

  •  Cooling, soothing, anti inflammatory, and astringent. Perfect for those with acne and/or irritation. 
  •  Apply to red and hot to the touch, blemished areas for a calming affect. This will reduce the redness, and also it helps balance the skins PH which makes your skin an un-ideal environment for acne causing bacteria to breed. The best method is to spray directly on to the face and/or skin. 
  •  Antiseptic. Benefit sensitive, irritated, dry, and even oily skin complexions, by controlling the sebum production. Reducing inflammation and allowing the outer skin barrier to heal and repair itself. It also tightens pores and makes them appear smaller. The water also helps lighten hyper-pigmentation over time with regular use.  
  •  Eye infections. Soak a soft cotton round in rose water and place on eye. 
  •  Heals sunburn, bug bites, and rashes when steeped with apple cider vinegar. 
  •  Soothes sore throats. Gargle. 
  •  Relieves PMS, menopausal symptoms, and gently balance hormones by relieving stress and anxiety, by using as a body mist. 
  •  Relieves cramps and improves mood swings, when used in an essential oil diffuser in the home. 
  •  Improves depression and anxiety, breathe in while spraying on skin. 
  •  Soothes capillaries by tightening and strengthening them. 
  •  Improves circulation. 
  •  Curbs skin and bladder infections when added to tea. 
  •  Natural remedy for diarrhea and ulcers when added to digestive teas. 
  •  Adds whine to hair. Spritz on after showering.  
  •  Enriches the body with nutrients when made with organic home grown roses. 
  • Soothes digestive problems, when taken internally, before and after meals.  
  • Relieves toothache when applied as a poultice. Soak a cotton ball or gauze pad, and apply directly.  

Like I said before you can purchase rose water or you can make your own…

  • 1 cup of packed(preferably organic) clean and separated rose petals. 
  •  2 cups of distilled water. 
  •  Tear the rose petals. Bring distilled water to a rolling boil, add the petals. Stir a few times. Place the lid on the pot(use one without a hole, so steam can’t escape) continue to let boil until the color in the rose petals is completely gone. Remove pot from heat and let sit until completely cooled. Then strain into a spray bottle for use. 
  •  It will keep for 1 week on the counter and about 2 weeks in the fridge. 

Below is a picture with a few different brands of rose water with their prices, and these are their links…

Benefits of rose water

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