Sigma 3DHD Blender Review 

Happy Saturday Lovelies. I hope your week went well, and I hope your weekend is going well so far also. Anywho down to business, today I am doing a review on the Sigma Beauty 3DHD Blender. I have been using this sponge for a little over a month, trying to figure out how I feel about it. I honestly have mixed feelings about it… So lets look at the pros and cons.

Sigma 3DHD blender+blender sponge+blending sponge+makeup sponge

Sigma 3DHD blender+blender sponge+blending sponge+makeup sponge

I was so excited about this sponge when it came out, with all the edges it seemed so revolutionary. The sponge has good texture and very bouncy, even before water is added, it also doesn’t waste product which is always a plus. So when it comes to getting into hard to reach places, like the corners of the nose. Also its great for highlighting, contouring and even baking. The edges help you get that sharp edge on your contour, its also helpful for cleaning up eyeshadow and eyeliner. 

However when it comes to blending out just foundation it didn’t do that great. It left my foundation looking patchy-I don’t have dry patches- it left my FULL coverage foundation looking slightly less full and really patchy, kind of like it wasn’t blending into my skin. Also, with the way the sponge is shaped it made it awkward to hold on to while trying to blend out foundation. I was extremely bummed about this, I really really wanted this to be my new go to sponge but it just didn’t live up to all the hype. 


So the 3DHD Blender is a nice sponge, has a great texture that doesn’t soak up a ton of product, so that’s a good thing, it also is great for a sharp contour. However the fact that it made my full coverage foundation look like medium coverage and also look patchy, is such a bummer. Now is the 3DHD Blender worth $15.00? I think so. Will I repurchase this sponge? Probably not. I love Sigma Beauty brushes thats just about all I own, due to their high quality, but I think I’ll be sticking to the BeautyBlender for all my blending sponge needs.  

I hope you all enjoyed this review and found it some what helpful. Let me know your feelings are toward the 3DHD Sponge is if you have tried it out? Until next time!💋

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