Face Product Application 

Good Morning and Happy Sunday Lovelies😊! I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. We had a pretty bad thunderstorm⛈ here yesterday that went on until early this morning, it was loud, but I don’t mind as long as nothing terrible happens, anywho I’m rambling-lol-So for today’s post I thought we would talk about and try to answer the age old question, ‘which came first, the chicken🐥 or the egg🥚?’ However in this case we are talking about skincare and makeup application. Lets get started…

Face Product Application

  1. Cleanser: Always start with a clean face 
  2. Serums/Treatments: Allow time for these to soak into the skin 
  3. Moisturizer: This is an important step, even with oily skin 
  4. Primer: I know some people don’t prime their face, but just remember it helps your makeup last longer 
  5. Foundation 
  6. Concealer 
  7. Powder: Remember liquids over powders do weird thing on the skin, causing it to look funny 
  8. Bronzer 
  9. Blush 
  10. Highlighter 
  11. Lipstick/Lipgloss  
  12. Setting Spray 

I know I didn’t include -eyebrows, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and lashes- I did that for the reason being is that those are 4 things that vary greatly from person to person. Like depending on the makeup look I’m going for I might apply my one shade of eyeshadow, my tightline eyeliner, and mascara after all of my face is done. However when I’m going glam or even semi-glam, I do eyes first after primer. So that’s why I didn’t include them in the list. I hope this helped some of you, and I also hope you enjoyed the post. Until next time!💋

7 thoughts on “Face Product Application ”

      1. I really like PUR Cosmetics Soak It Up
        It’s really lightweight. I actually bought it when my face dried out over the winter and it worked but it has now become my ride or die moisturizer.

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