Review: Glossier ‘Super Pure’ 

Happy Saturday Lovelies😊! I hope all of you had a wonderful week and are planning on having an even better weekend. As I was planning my month out for my blog post I thought I would through in a few reviews, and today is on of those reviews. Today’s review is on Glossier’s ‘Super Pure’. If you don’t know about or never heard of Glossier, let me give a tiny bit of background. It started with a beauty blog, created by beauty editors they gained success with loyal and influential readers. They try countless products, interview numerous beauty icons, and “peek inside hundreds of fancy medicine cabinets” They have an assortment of skincare and beauty products, they believe beauty should be fun and easy, and I agree.

Glossier+super pure+review+skincare+acne+skin balancing
Super Pure, is a “water-gel”formula that absorbs into the skin quickly. Super Pure is made for those who have stressed out, redness, and blemish prone skin, or at least that’s what it claims to be. It also claims to help out during the time of the month. Other claims include: counteracting skin-disrupting triggers, flushes out impurities, including built up sebum inside pores.

Benefit claims:

  • Balancing 
  • Soothing 
  • Redness Reducing 
  • Purifying 

Glossier+super pure+review+skincare+acne+skin balancing
Glossier+super pure+review+skincare+acne+skin balancing

I used this product for a total of 2 months and I saw absolutely not results in that time, and I did it religiously, like with all my skincare. I used it morning and night and I didn’t see any difference at all, it didn’t help during my time of the month, it didn’t combat my redness and to top it off it made my face twice as oily.My routine is simple, but effective and I figured since I like Glossier and others products from them, I thought this would be just as good and help my strengthen my routine. However it did not live up to any of the claims. I had such high hopes for this product and it flat out bombed. It didn’t help my skin out at all, however it didn’t make it worse, it just didn’t improve my skin like the claims suggested.

Final thoughts:

Super Pure:

  • Is this an effective product? No. 
  • Is this worth $28? No. 
  • Will I repurchase? No. 
  • Do I recommend this product? No. 

Until Next Time!💋
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2 thoughts on “Review: Glossier ‘Super Pure’ ”

  1. Glossier is such a nice brand and I feel like they don’t get enough recognition. I just stumbled upon your blog today and I’m completely taken in. I love your posts. Blogging buddies?

    Mena ✨

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are a really nice brand and they really don’t get the recognition they deserve. I love their cloud blush 😍 but I was just so disappointed 😔 but that doesn’t mean I won’t try other skincare products of theirs in the future.
      I am so pleased you like my blog I’m still very new so it makes me very happy when I see people really enjoy it.💕
      Definitely Blogging Buddies!

      Liked by 1 person

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