ELF Liquid ✨Highlighter ✨

Hello Lovelies and Happy Sunday! I hope all of you are doing well. Today I wanted to do a post on my new favorite ✨highlighter.🤗 I’m not sure if I want to call this a real review, but if it turns into one that’s ok, I really just wanted to give it a little recognition. The highlighter is from ELF Cosmetics, it’s the Liquid Highlighter, on the Ulta website it’s called Highlighting Dewy Drops, which is weird since it’s the same product-lol-.

Elf+liquid highlighter+natural glow+elf cosmetics+highlighter+dewy glow
The ELF highlighter is one of the goodies I got in my online beauty haul post (Link Here) I actually got it as part of the “Rose Gold” gift and I was super excited because I had been wanting to try it and I was willing to pay the whopping $4.00 for it-lol-. It only comes in one shade ‘Natural Glow’ however don’t let the word natural fool you, it Ives you a wonderful glow, I will say Ulta’s name for it is better since it does give you a dewy glow. As I read reviews on the product before I got it I saw one that mentioned that they were disappointed that it had glitter in it, but I after I got it I inspected it and I just don’t see it. I will say this high lighter doesn’t dry down all the way, now I know it’s a liquid but most liquid highlighters eventually dry down and this one stays true to the glowing dewy look. I honestly didn’t notice until I touched it, my hair didn’t stuck in it which is nice. I have been thinking about using it as a highlighter “primer” and use and see if it makes one of my highlighters pop even more, it’s worth a shot, if it doesn’t work that’s ok. Another plus about this highlighter besides the price and glow you get is that you don’t need much to get you glow.

Elf+liquid highlighter+natural glow+elf cosmetics+highlighter+dewy glow
Not Blended
Elf+liquid highlighter+natural glow+elf cosmetics+highlighter+dewy glow
I honestly don’t have anything bad to say about this product, I really love it, I know we all have different opinions and this is just one girls, however if you were to ask me if I was worth the money, even it was priced over $4.00 I would say YES! In a heartbeat with no hesitation. If you are in the market for a highlighter that gives you a dewy glow give this ELF liquid highlighter a shot, it can’t hurt at the price point. 😊   Until Next Time!💋


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