L’ORÉAL Infallibile Pro-Matte Liquid Lipstick 👎Review👍

Hello Lovelies, long time no see lol, I’m sorry. I am still getting adjusted to a new schedule of being a nanny, so hopefully after the holidays I’ll be able to get a schedule for postings going. Anyways today’s review is on the L’Oréal InFallible ProMatte liquid lipstick, now I had no intentions of doing a review on this lippie but when I wore it for the first time last Saturday, and after wearing it for about 30 minutes I was like this needs a review… So here we go, also ignore the breakout on my chin area since I didn’t plan on doing a review I had to do a wear test the following Monday and I didn’t feel like putting on a full face of makeup.

OK So the L’Oréal Infallible ProMatte Liquid Lipstick, where do I begin… Lets start with the ‘claims’ 16 Hour wear time, Full-coverage, comfortable(not tight feeling). Out of those simple claims it was a comfortable wearing matte lippie and it also went on smoothly, but that was about it. About 20 minutes into wearing the lipstick it started to “ball up” around the corners of my mouth, I had to blot it off at the spots it was doing that. It was rubbing off where my lips came together and it was also separating in areas and this was all before going to dinner. My lips had been prepped too so it wasn’t like I was going into it with dry cracked lips. I did a 2 hour wear test the following Monday, since I wasn’t planning on reviewing I didn’t take pictures that Saturday, but I will say this, after eating and drinking the lipstick looked 100X worse than the pictures I took Monday. Also again please try not to pay attention to my horrible breakout on my chin.🙏😔

So as you can see after 2 hours of pretty much doing nothing this lippie breaks down and comes off pretty easily. I wish I would have taken pictures last Saturday. So… Is this Liquid Lippie worth the $9.99? I don’t think so. Would I repurchase this lippie? NO WAY! Do I recommend this product? Nope. So for this review I give it a 👎.

I hope you all enjoyed and found my review helpful in some way, or at least entertaining. I will be trying to get a new schedule going, I wont be posting as many days but I am going to try to start posting on the regular, I think after the holidays everything should settle down quite a bit, finger crossed 🤞

Love Y’all 💋

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