💕April Favorites💕

Happy Saturday lovelies! I hope all of you are happy, healthy, and fabulous.😊

April came and went [quickly to me] I’m not looking forward to hotter weather. I favor chilly/cold weather even though my RA acts up and causes me A LOT of pain. I’ve never been a fan of summer, except for summer break when I was in school, but now my during the warm/hot months my Fibro tends to flare up causing a ‘pins & needles’ effect super uncomfortable. I digress, today it’s time to reveal my April Favorites, woo-hoo [I know you all are super excited lol] some are repeats so I won’t really go into to much detail. Lets go!…


  • MEMEBOX: Nooni Deep-Cleanse Snowflake Jelly Cleansing Oil: This is a repeat from last month, I just love it. The texture is unique since it’s a gel like, it’s also smells amazing, however the scent isn’t overpowering just light and refreshing.
  • Skyn Iceland Detox Kit for Stressed Skin: This is the brand of the eye cream I love, I decided to give this little kit a try after reading the description online. It came with *trial sizes of, Glacial Face Wash, Icelandic Relief Eye Cream w/ Glacial Flower Extract, The ANTIDOTE Cooling Daily Lotion & Oxygen Infusion Night Cream. So far my skin has been happy since I started using it, I plan on doing a review once I finish out the kit (almost there)
  • Skyn Iceland: Eye Brightening Eye Serum: I’ve been using this at night along with everything else and I’ve noticed a difference, not a MASSIVE difference. My under eyes aren’t as crepy, also if my eyes are super puffy in the morning I use just a tiny bit (a little goes a looooong way) and tap, tap, tap and it helps bring it down so I don’t look like I spent the entire night crying or something lol. The cooling effect is super relaxing.
  • LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask: I posted a review on this last week I’ll leave the link (LANEIGE Lip Review ) if you want to check it out. In a nutshell you apply it at night let it work over night and in the morning you wake up with soft, smooth and supple lips. They pack a lot of good things into this product.
  • YES TO: Coconut Ultra Hydrating Moisturizing Coconut Oil Stick: Why did it take so long for someone to think of and come out with this? Why did I not think of it? Coconut oil stick is exactly that, it’s so much easier to work with and a lot less messier. I love to use it right after I get out of the shower. It glides on and you just twist the bottom, I prefer this over digging my fingers into the oil, it also has the faint scent of coconut, just enough to make you smile.


  • L’Oréal Infallible Pro-Matte 24HR Foundation (101/Classic Ivory) This is technically a repeat, I’m not sure if it made last months favorites list, but I do know it has made lists before. This foundation seems to work pretty decent on my super oily skin, I wouldn’t say I stay completely matte, but I it doesn’t breakdown on my T-zone after only an hour either. The foundation also isn’t heavy, I can say pretty confidently that this is my go to foundation when I am just going to run errands or the doctor.
  • NYX Matte Setting Spray: If you read any of my past monthly favorites you know this setting spray is my go to ride or die. If they made a larger size I would own it. The sprayer lets out the perfect amount of product and it sprays a decently fine mist so you don’t feel like something is just being splashed on your face.
  • Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder (Fair/05) This is quickly being one of my favorite setting powders, the texture is fine and soft. When setting my face including my undereyes it doesn’t leave me looking cakey and my eyes don’t look dry or crepy (I don’t bake) the powder leaves my with a soft focus effect and I’m not complaining. My only complaint is that they don’t have a transparent, however if I need I can lighten my foundations with my white mixer.
  • Benefit Cosmetics: Gold Rush Blush: this is a “warm golden-nectar” as they describe it. From what I can see it was a new blush or else I’m on the late bus, either way I like it. I don’t usually opt for warm toned blushes especially if they have the word ‘gold’ in the description, since I’m a pale princess and FULLY embrace it and I avoid sunlight (I know I know I’m weird) at all cost, golden and bronzed products don’t really work for me. I usually stick to the “frosty” look, but for some reason I had the urge to buy this blush along with the ‘GALifornia’ blush (haven’t opened that yet) however I was pleasantly surprised after I applied it and looked in 3 different mirrors along with different lighting. The blush gave me a slight flush with a “lit from within’ type glow.
  • LANEIGE Two-Tone Lip Brick: Since I still cant seem to master the Korean lip look, ‘Gradient Lip’ I cant help but love it (it’s not like what “beauty gurus” do and call it gradient lip), and leave it to the wonderful people at LANEIGE (Korean beauty brand) to create a lippie that lets me achieve it. These are so easy to use, I have 3 shade #06/Tomato Sherbert, #03/Tint Mint, #07/Lollipop Red, I’m going to purchase some other shades soon. The texture of it is soft and creamy, but it’s still firm enough not to melt or smush into your lips when applying it. They have a “glossy” formula and matte, I have the glossy for summer.


  • Nexxus: Emergencee Shampoo & Conditioner for Weak and Damaged Hair: I tend to use products for weak and damaged hair since my illnesses and medicines cause it problems. This set really helps my hair keep its softness. It seems to be doing a pretty good job so far.
  • dpHUE: Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp Scrub w/ Pink Himalayan Sea Salt: Mouth full… If you don’t know ACV helps balance your PH levels. This product allows you to give your scalp a nice “scrub”. Since it contains the sea salt it helps remove all the buildup on your scalp and hair follicle like hair products *dry shampoo, hairspray, mousse, etc…* along with dead skin cells. It also contains avocado oil and aloe Vera so don’t worry it wont dry your hair out, after you work it through and massage it in you rinse it out and then shampoo & condition.
  • Redken: Triple Take Hairspray 32: This made last months list, has a strong hold, but it doesn’t feel hard and stiff.
  • Redken: Windblown 05 Dry Texturizing Hairspray: This also made the last favorites list. I have gotten to where I blast this when I want to rock a messy pony. It’s more like a dry paste spray than a hairspray.


  • Derek Lam 10 Crosby: Drunk On Youth Eau de Parfum: this is a slightly sweet, but crisp scent that has some lasting power, you know he’s gonna have you on his mind even after you leave. The notes of this simple perfume are Honeysuckle and Crisp Apple. It’s not harsh or overpowering, I have a sensitive nose so I have to be careful and this is one of the few scents that don’t give me an agonizing migraine.
  • K-Drama: Grand Prince. Tempted. Hwayugi.
  • K-Pop Songs: Everyday & Hello*Winner* Hello Bitches*CL* Tony Montana*Agust D, feat. Yankie* Fantastic Baby*BigBang* Every BTS song they’ve made lol (hardcore ARMY)
  • Nail Color: Shellac: Dark Purple. I’ve been enjoying my dark colors and grey tones.

I do think that was everything for the Month of April. I hope you all enjoyed the post, I know I love to share with y’all. Sorry for the lack of photos in this post, I haven’t been feeling well and forgot to charge my camera.

Until Next Post…


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