👍Review👎 Philosophy Purity Moisturizer

Hello Lovelies! Look 2 posts this week🤗

I hope all of you are happy, healthy and fabulous. So I mentioned in Motivational Monday’s post that I had a small review coming, so here it is…

I will say this first, I wasn’t planning on reviewing this product, however after I finished it, I had to give my thoughts. Oh yeah! Sorry for no pictures, again didn’t think I’d be reviewing.

Philosophy came out with a moisturizer to go with their Purity line (I know I’m on the late bus) and I LOVE that line, if I had to choose that’s what I’d pick. I picked up a trial size tube to test out before I committed to buying the full size, it lasted 2 weeks (pretty good for the size). Philosophy is a great brand and has great products, however that being said I can honestly say the Purity moisturizer was a swing and a miss. I had read reviews on it and they were all different (of course) some say “AMAZING” others say “not good for dry skin” and others say “good/bad for oily skin” since the reviews were everywhere I decided I would see for myself.

The moisturizer itself has a slight scent, not strong but it’s there and I couldn’t quiet make out what it was. The consistency was a cross between a gel and cream, when I applied it, it never really felt like it soak into my skin, it’s like it was just sitting on top, a heavy greasy feeling. I kept up my same routine during the 2 weeks, the only difference was the moisturizer, I barely made it to the 2 week mark. After about 3 days my skins texture was starting to get kinda rough, I don’t have super duper baby like skin my my skin is still pretty soft, I also started to breakout. I couldn’t shake these as hormonal breakouts as they were in places I’ve never had breakouts, not even as a teenager. My skin constantly felt overly oily, my makeup looked terrible, no matter what I did or what I used. Finally after the 2 weeks was up, I switched to another moisturizer, and guess what?! My face started to clear up and my overly oily face started to regain composure, my makeup finally looked good when I applied it(when I wear it).

Thoughts 💭

I have to say this is not Philosophy’s greatest product, I don’t even feel it meets their usual standards. This moisturizer has too many “issues” for example it doesn’t absorb into the skin, just sits on top. I’m not sure about y’all, but I want my moisturizer to melt into my skin and… well actually work. With that being said… •Is this up to Philosophy’s usual standards? No. •Worth the price-$25-? No. •Would I repurchase? No. •Do I recommend Philosophy Purity moisturizer? No.

P.S… I will try to get my July Favorites post out next week.


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