Motivational Monday

☀️Motivational Monday☀️

Good Monday Morning Lovelies. 😊

I hope you all are happy, healthy and fabulous…

For today’s Motivational Monday I wanted to focus on a subject that something we all face at some point in our lives (if you haven’t then you keep doin you) Self Love and Conference. This is an area I struggle with on a daily basis pretty much. Why? Because nowadays we are constantly being told of we don’t ‘look like this’ or ‘have that’ etc. between tv shows, social media and even commercials we are constantly being judged without realizing it. I myself body shame, not others, but myself. I’ve struggled for a LOOOOOONG time with loving myself and confidence, hearing the same things over and over you finally start to believe them. I work hard every day trying to build my confidence and self love levels. Who decided what the definition of ‘perfect’ is? Anyways I’m starting to ramble…

I hope you all have a wonderful day/week. Remember the only opinion that truly matters in this world is yours. I try to remind myself of that every morning.


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Motivational Monday love your body self love

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This image speaks volumes. Why? Because it’s right on point, we all want to fit in so badly that we conform into the mold, but that’s not what we are meant to do or be. Be yourself because someone else is already taken.

Motivational Monday quotes you are enough motivation

Motivational Monday hey it’s that girl anna beauty blog


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