Face Mapping

Hello lovelies, hope all is well. Today I wanted to talk about our skin and what it is trying to tell us when we have breakouts or dark circles etc. (*DISCLAIMER: I am in no way a doctor of any kind, so the info in this post is purely from research and common knowledge, seeing a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment is always best*) Our skin is our largest organ, so when there’s a change in hair, skin, or nails it can be a sign that something is going on beneath the surface. Today I’m focusing on acne and breakouts; ancient Chinese medicine used to help diagnose diseases with the help of ‘signs on the face’ and was able to detect minor health issues. Ancient Chinese healers believed that all skin issues were linked to something to do with internal organs, as all body organs are interconnected; face mapping became a tool to help with early detection of health issues. Let’s look at face mapping…

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  • Ears & Temples are related to the kidneys. When experiencing breakouts there could mean, dehydration, high fat diet, too much processed food, stress, excess oil production or poor lymphatic circulation. Try limiting your alcohol and caffeine consumption and drink PLENTY of water.
  • Nose is related to the heart. Related to blood pressure, poor circulation or high salt intake. Try exercising, following a healthy diet and drink PLENTY OF WATER.
  • Cheeks are related to the kidneys and lungs, often this is a result of poor dental hygiene or even air pollution; solutions would be to make sure you’re brushing and flossing regularly and staying out of high polluted air (if possible)
  • Forehead is related to the bladder and small intestine; acne here could be caused by digestive problems, excessive intake of processed or fatty foods and a low intake of fiber. Stress and alcohol can cause toxic buildup, along with dehydration. Remedy is limiting alcohol, processed and fatty foods and of course DRINK PLENTY OF WATER.
  • Mouth is a result of high amounts of fatty and sugary foods and alcohol. Avoid these as much as possible and… DRINK PLENTY OF WATER.
  • Chin and Jawline are results of our wonderful hormones, for hormonal imbalances eating a healthier diet, limiting salt and caffeine can help regulate everything and of course DRINK PLENTY OF WATER.
  • Eye area is related to the kidneys, usually a result of dehydration or malabsorption, as well as poor circulation, smoking or alcohol. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER and avoid alcohol and caffeine.
  • Eyebrows and between the eyebrows is related to the liver. Excess consumption of meat will cause the stomach not to digest properly, which causes it to overwork and that leads to breakouts. Start consuming more veggies and fruit, get fresh air and… DRINK PLENTY OF WATER

As you can see our breakouts tell us a lot about our body’s we don’t even realize, that’s why it best to listen and try to remedy the situation and fix the root of the problem rather than changing skincare products. So listen to your body and it will reward you with happy healthy skin.

Until next time…


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