Guess Who…

HELLO LOVELIES!!! I'M BACK!!! how has everyone been?! I know it’s been a hot minute since I was on and posted something, but (hopefully) I’m back. I was going through some personal things and I wasn’t able to write, I basically just shut down on life. However I’m feeling much better and I’m ready to… Continue reading Guess Who…


Fibromyalgia: What it’s like.

Happy Saturday lovelies, I hope, you all are happy, healthy and fabulous.💜 Today is May 12, 2018 and it is a day that has a meaning to me, it’s ‘Fibromyalgia Awareness Day’ I know that probably more than half of the world actually knows let alone understands this horrible, painful disease. Some of you may… Continue reading Fibromyalgia: What it’s like.


Women & Power 

Hello Lovelies. Well it’s the end of march, I’m not sure how many of y'all knew that March was ‘Woman's History Month’ That doesn't mean we have to stop caring. I’m not sure how many of you know of the campaign Power Women, that Sigma Beauty started in partnership with female businesswomen to use their experience… Continue reading Women & Power