No Saturday Post 

I know posting this kind of contradicts the title, however an actual Blog Post of relevance isn't happening today. I have been super sick 😷🤒 today and did not get the chance to do today's post. I'm sorry😔. Hopefully I will be able to post tomorrow.  XOXO Anna. 💋

💋Current Favorite Lip Products💋

Hi there lovelies, I know this post is coming out a little later in the day, but I haven't been feeling well, so I'm on energy saving mode-lol-Today's post is going to be kind of short, as the title said it’s a list of my ‘Current Favorite Lip Products’ now this doesn't mean that all… Continue reading 💋Current Favorite Lip Products💋

Review: Sephora Rose Lip Mask 

Good Morning Lovelies… It’s finally the weekend, we can all relax and do whatever ever we want. Sometimes during the weekend I like to take time to pamper myself, with a mask or two, they help me to feel beautiful and relaxed. They make masks for just about everything, today I wanted to write a… Continue reading Review: Sephora Rose Lip Mask 

Dupe: Hoola Lite

Happy Hump Day! Half way through the week-yay-!Today I am going to be doing another dupe and somehow it managed to be another Benefit Cosmetics dupe-lol- Didn't plan that at all. Anyways, today's dupe is for Hoola Lite. I love this bronzer, its not as harsh on my fair skin like other bronzers, including the… Continue reading Dupe: Hoola Lite

What’s New At Ulta?!?

Hello and Happy Sunday Lovelies, I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. It's a new month and a new season, that means fun things in the beauty world. In the world of Ulta that means adding a few big brands to their growing list. Super Exciting🤗!So what are the brands did Ulta add… Continue reading What’s New At Ulta?!?

My Beauty Wishlist 

Happy Saturday Lovelies! I hope all of you are having a wonderful week. I decided I would share with y'all my Beauty Wishlist. I thought it would be kind of fun, especially since so many fun things have come out this season. BeautyBlender Summer Fling: How can you not just love this trio?!? 2 new… Continue reading My Beauty Wishlist