Aloe Vera & Beauty 

Happy Saturday Lovelies! I hope all of you are doing fabulous. Today's post we are talking about Aloe and how it works in beauty. It seems to be growing in popularity in the beauty world, and why wouldn't it with it’s healing and soothing qualities. Aloe helps to nourish the skin, to keep it hydrated… Continue reading Aloe Vera & Beauty 


5 Alternative Uses For Your Beauty Blending Sponge 

Happy Hump 🐪Day! So today lovelies I thought I'd give a few (5) different ways to use a beauty blender. Now I know the actual brand BeautyBlender has made specific blenders for some of these but you can buy a cheaper brand and get the same effects. ..  • Quickly and evenly blend out sunless… Continue reading 5 Alternative Uses For Your Beauty Blending Sponge 


DIY: Honey Sugar Lip Scrub 👄

Hello Lovelies! Since it's Saturday I thought I would do a little beauty DIY. Something simple, useful, fun, and easy. I’m pretty sure you all have these ingredients in your home. So what is it that we are making?... We are going to make a Honey Sugar Lip Scrub. Very simple and makes your lips… Continue reading DIY: Honey Sugar Lip Scrub 👄