Review: Glossier ‘Super Pure’ 

Happy Saturday Lovelies😊! I hope all of you had a wonderful week and are planning on having an even better weekend. As I was planning my month out for my blog post I thought I would through in a few reviews, and today is on of those reviews. Today's review is on Glossier’s ‘Super Pure’.… Continue reading Review: Glossier ‘Super Pure’ 

Face Product Application 

Good Morning and Happy Sunday Lovelies😊! I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. We had a pretty bad thunderstorm⛈ here yesterday that went on until early this morning, it was loud, but I don’t mind as long as nothing terrible happens, anywho I'm rambling-lol-So for today's post I thought we would talk about… Continue reading Face Product Application 

Ride or Die: Beauty Products

Hello Lovelies, I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday.😊 Today I thought I would do the ‘Ride or Die’ tag I have seen around YouTube, I thought I would be nice and fun to share my tried and true ALWAYS reached for makeup products. So lets get started… • Primer: Maybelline FaceStudio Master Prim… Continue reading Ride or Die: Beauty Products