☀️Motivational Monday☀️

☀️Good Monday Morning☀️ Lovelies💗 Sorry for the lack of posts I have been in a bit of a 'funk' lately but I'm trying to pull myself out of it. Hence why I chose these quotes, when I was searching and looking for todays post these were the ones that caught my eye. I am having… Continue reading ☀️Motivational Monday☀️

☀️Motivational Monday☀️

Good Morning Lovelies, I hope all of you enjoyed your weekend. Sorry I only posted twice last week(I think 🤔) I've been suffering from my chronic migraines again, it was an on going no break, no relief for 4 days straight, however this time it's isolated to my left side. Ever since I got my… Continue reading ☀️Motivational Monday☀️

☀️Motivational Monday☀️

Good Monday morning lovelies, I know I'm still sporadically posting I'm trying. Anyways I'm here for a specific Motivational Monday. A few weeks ago I was body shamed on a very personal level. I'm pretty use to hearing "you need to lose weight" but this time I was on a date and the guy told… Continue reading ☀️Motivational Monday☀️

☀️Motivational Monday☀️ 8/21/2017

Good Monday Morning Lovelies...☀️💕. I know, I know, I have only posted 3x this month and all have been 'Motivational Monday's' but I am still struggling extremely hard with my health. Staring at a screen to write a review or something long causes my never ending migraines to throb even more. However I do promise… Continue reading ☀️Motivational Monday☀️ 8/21/2017

☀️Motivational Monday☀️ 8/14/2017

Good Morning Lovelies!😊 I hope all of you are doing well... I know I've only posted once so far this month and I'm extremely sorry, I am trying my best to get back on track and in routine, but my health issues keeps knocking me down. It seems like every time I get the chance… Continue reading ☀️Motivational Monday☀️ 8/14/2017